Dietary Fat: Friend or Foe?


For many years, fat was vilified by the scientific community. We were told to avoid it at all costs – and we did – but it didn’t make us healthier. Probably because along with cutting out the bad fat, we also cut out the good. (An important distinction that has only recently become better understood.)

Today, we know that fat is crucial to the normal functioning of our bodies. It is a major stored energy source for our metabolic systems, powering us at rest and during light activities. It is also an important structural component, helping giving strength and shape to all the cells that form us.

Fat is where our body stores vitamins A, D, E, and K. It sheathes our nervous cells, helping us to form efficient connections with – and within – the brain. Without fat, our blood would not clot, our muscles could not move, and our bodies would be in a chronic state of inflammation.

Though we’ve learned a lot in recent years about all the amazing functions that fat performs within the body, a stigma still persists in the minds of today’s consumers; the notion that “fat is the enemy.” We hope we can help dispel this myth and educate others on the amazing scientific findings surrounding this fascinating organ.

Yi Zhang