My dear reader, 

         Thank you for your interest in GenoPalate, a fast-growing company that strives to provide unique, personalized nutrition solutions based on a scientific interpretation of our own biology. We are a group of visionary, talented, hard-working innovators who use amazing technologies - unavailable even just a few years ago - to decipher your unique genetic predispositions. We founded GenoPalate to help people navigate our modern yet challenging nutrition environment that has placed many barriers between real food (and its nutritional values and joy,) and us. This barrier has lead to the ongoing battle between the genetic program we are born with - coded from millions of years of ancestry - and our modern living conditions. Our failure in this battle is evidenced by the current epidemics of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

         With GenoPalate, we begin to make changes from our roots, using our genetic ancestry to build our own personalized nutrition profile from the ground up. We jump-start the process by leveraging robust scientific research on nutritional genetics, compiled over the last 20 years, to present you with the best possible starting point for your eating-for-your-genes journey. We also take into consideration your current and historic health history, preferences, and habits to provide you with food and nutrition recommendations tailored to your unique biology and living environment.

         We would like to be your friend and advocate on this journey, and we hope that our partnership will both prevent health issues before they happen and empower you with the necessary information to live a life full of joy.

          Here's to your health,