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People preparing eating geared to their personalized genomic nutrition plan.

With Your DNA-Based Analysis Feel Like Your Best Self Optimize Your Nutrition Your Nutrition is Personal Take Charge of Your Nutrition

Make it easier to eat the foods that are best for you with your personalized DNA report.

Start Your Personalized Nutrition Journey

Start Your Personalized Nutrition Journey

Existing DNA upload at computer

Have Taken a DNA Test

You have DNA data from either 23andMe or AncestryDNA

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DNA Collection Kit

Have Not Taken a DNA Test

We've got you covered with our DNA Collection Kit

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Essential Nutrition Report

Unlock Your Personalized Nutrient Needs, Hidden in Your DNA

Screen shot of Essential Nutrition components in mobile app

Your Macro- and Micronutrient Needs

  • Discover the healthiest carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake for your body
  • Learn which vitamins and minerals your body needs most

Your Sensitivities and Substance Metabolism

  • See whether you may be sensitive to lactose or gluten
  • Discover how fast your body can process alcohol and caffeine

Your Genetic Superfoods

  • Unlock the 100+ foods that are a match for your DNA-based nutrient needs
  • Includes 14 categories such as your top vegetables, meats, starches, and more

Professional Guidance and Community Support

  • Every report includes a complementary group orientation with a registered dietitian and access to our private community forum

One simple DNA test can reveal the personalized nutrition information, eating insights, and everything else you need to optimize your health.

Eating Insights Report

Discover How Your Eating Behaviors, Cravings, and Food Preferences are Influenced by Your DNA

Screen shot of Eating Insights in mobile app

Uncover Your DNA-based Behaviors

  • See if your DNA makes you more prone to enjoy late night snacking
  • Are you stressed? Learn if your genes contribute to emotional eating

Confirm Your Cravings

  • Discover whether your body has a greater tendency to crave fat, carbs, or sweets

Discover Your Taste Profile

  • Your taste buds are influenced by your genes! See if you are sensitive to sweet and bitter flavors

Optimize Your Meal Timing

  • Find out the optimal time for you to eat breakfast

*Available only with the purchase of the Essential Nutrition Report.

Learn more about the Eating Insights Report

Stress Insights Report

Find Out How Your DNA Influences Your Response to Different Types of Stress

Screen shot of Stress Insights in mobile app

Learn Your Triggers

  • See if your DNA is causing you to be more stressed during significant life changes
  • Find out how social stress may affect your mood

Discover if Stress is Disrupting Your Sleep

  • Understand if stress is causing you to get poor sleep or insomnia and what you can do about it

Find Out What Can Boost Your Mood

  • Learn how factors like folate and cortisol could be impacting your mood

Uncover Your Levels of Feel-Good Chemicals

  • Learn which brain signals may be affecting your mood, happiness, and anxiety

*Available only with the purchase of the Essential Nutrition Report.

Learn more about the Stress Insights Report

Enhance Your Health and Happiness

Example recipe PDF

Your Personalized Recipe Collection

Take the guesswork out of meal prep. Instead of struggling to creatively incorporate your newly-discovered optimal foods into your meals, you can order a delectable collection of personalized recipes made just for you by our team of nutritional experts.

*Add personalized recipes to your base Essential Nutrition Report or purchase the Premium package to further personalize your experience.

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Personalied supplement container

Your Personalized Supplement Regimen

How much iron, calcium, or vitamin D do you really need? Your genes set the foundation, so follow their lead and subscribe to a DNA-driven supplement program.

*After receiving your Essential Nutrition Report, enhance your experience with personalized supplements.

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Dietitian giving a 1 on 1 consult

NEW: 1 on 1 Personalized Nutrition Consultations!

If you feel like you could use help turning your DNA insights into daily habits, want to fully utilize the powerful nutrition information within your DNA, or are looking for support from an experienced registered dietitian, this is for you.

Your Nutrition Consultation includes:

  • 30 minute video meeting 1 on 1 with an experienced registered dietitian
  • An in-depth review of your GenoPalate report(s)
  • Learn how to integrate your DNA report into your current lifestyle or busy schedule
  • Create a personalized plan and action steps for reaching your goals

*Consults can be purchased in the GenoPalate web app after receiving your Report(s).

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What You Can Expect On A Personalized Nutrition Plan

Woman working out

Celebrate Your Body

Learn which foods support your unique metabolism, helping you achieve your health goals.

Couple cooking in home

Feed Your Curiosity

Indulge in tasty, nutrient rich, gene-friendly foods to inspire the healthiest you.

Woman eating apple

Achieve Optimal Health

Enjoy foods that serve the functional nutrition needs of your body and increase your energy.

Couple taking blood pressure

Make Informed Decisions

Embrace nutritional insights that may help you manage deficiencies and promote wellness.

Tap Into Your Genetic Code

Provide Your DNA
We Analyze Your DNA
Get Your Report(s)
Eat For Your Genes

We decode your genes with the most comprehensive and secure dietary genetic testing on the market to discover which foods may help de-stress, focus, and energize you. The complete security of your DNA is our #1 priority.

Learn More About Our Science

Meet A Member Who Changed Their Life With GenoPalate

Members of our GenoPalate community have changed their diets and their lives—see why they’re so excited to talk about it!

Begin Your Health Story

See What Others Are Saying

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Are Your Genes Trying To Tell You Something?

Download a sample of the information that’s included in your Essential Nutrition Report.

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Share The Greatest Wealth

Life’s true wealth lies in good health. We believe that helping people achieve better health is the best gift you could possibly give. When you purchase a Essential Nutrition Report for a friend or family member, you will be provided with instructions post purchase on how to send the gift, or you can even ship the GenoPalate kit directly to their door.

Give a Gift

Your DNA Can Make a Difference

Our ongoing research is revolutionizing how people eat. We invite you to opt in and contribute your non-identifiable DNA to the growing body of knowledge driving our understanding of food as medicine. Your contribution will help further our global shared knowledge of functional nutrition.

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Team meeting to do research

Don't Ignore Your Genes

They Hold The Secret to Your Health

Ready to discover a healthier you? Order our DNA nutrition test, review your reports and use our app to learn how to eat for your genes.

Get My DNA Report

Do You Have Existing DNA Test Results To Use?

Yes, I Have DNA Test Results

We accept DNA data from AncestryDNA and 23andMe.

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We will send you a DNA collection kit.

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